Advent Film Group is an independent film production and distribution company established to create excellent Christian films by raising up excellent Christian filmmakers. AFG is committed to creating entertaining films that are good for families and that affirm biblical values and principles.

In addition to making entertaining films with powerful messages, AFG is organized around the idea of training the next generation of Christian filmmakers by providing high school and college students with hands-on exposure and experience in filmmaking. By making movies utilizing students' skills and passions, AFG seeks to inspire them to serve God in this crucial message-making and culture-shaping field. The first opportunity was with Come What May and 40 students participated in all aspects of the film—from pre-production to filming, to post-production and marketing.

With their vision, Advent Film Group looks to serve and honor God by:

  • Awakening and germinating vocational filmmaking seeds God has placed in the hearts of many young people

  • Building long-term relationship with these young filmmakers, nurturing and encouraging them to grow in their skill and their focus on God's vision for their work

  • Helping seed and establish young people in the field of filmmaking

Advent Film Groupís goal is that within two generations, a new crop of well-trained storytellers committed to Christ will be leading major studio productions of faithful, fruitful, God-affirming films. Learn more at